August 25th 2010

Review: Incise’s Daily Methods

When producers branch out and release their own album, they tend to fall flat. Through no fault of their own, I mean when the producers take this right of passage they normally deliver great beats. However that top-notch production is usually paired with strangled rappers who never really get the room to explore the subjects we like here at Lesson Six. However, that’s where Incise differs. Armed with a roster of self-proclaimed conscience rappers, Incise undoubtedly delivers one of the soundtracks to the summer.

Daily Method’s makes no attempts to hide what it is. The opening handful of tracks set the scene with confident rappers over jazzy laid beat summer beats. They aren’t bad but they’re only the bread of the album, it’s the beef in the middle that reveals how extraordinary this solo outing is. “Bring It Back” is a throwback to the origins of the genre and eventually turns into a statement on what needs to happen going forward. Another notable “Paving The Way”, features a brilliantly compiled trio, of Okay City, David Morin and Lesson Six posterchild Shad K, exploring why their music isn’t about the cookie-cutter clichés.

Kick off the sheets, the summer heat’s got me sweating / Turn up this beat, help me ease with the stressing / Open up the blinds realise that I’m blessed with life / Bright future in sight

The crew that Incise has gathered doesn’t leave much room for instrumentals. Only three of the fifteen tracks are purely instrumental, simply called “Sunrise”, “Midday” & “Sunset”. These tracks evenly separate the rest of the album and explain the name, Daily Methods. The best, “Midday” is immediately followed by the stand-out track. Unknown rapper Ajaxx reflects on the trials and tribulations of being an unknown rapper and ironically is probably the only name you’ll take from Daily Methods.

That’s not to say that features by Shad K, The Stereotypes & the army of unknowns aren’t as good, just not as memorable after listening to fifteen different artists. The diversity in personnel is an excellent reason why anyone should pick this up. You’re bound to find something new. However, it works both ways. The chances are that at least one of the guest-spots won’t be to your fancy.

Don’t let that put you off though, this isn’t a record label sampler. Incise serves up a showcase of familiar and unknown rappers. More importantly, however, Incise provides a brilliant platform of quality music. Laid-back beats infused with jazz are just what the doctor ordered for those longer summertime days at home and Incise delivers them in droves. If you’re looking for a soundtrack to your summer that isn’t our free mixcloud, then you’ve come to the right place. I’m just sorry that I didn’t find it at that the start of the season.

Daily Methods was released at the right time, the 2nd of June. Unfortunately we slept on this one for too long. Don’t make the same mistake and get it on iTunes.