December 21st 2010

“Troubles of the Past” by Nieve

Today we’ve been deliberating our Album of the Year list (don’t fret, it’s coming out tomorrow) and appropriately I’ve been listening to the plethora of great albums that came out in 2010. One of which, Incise’s Daily Methods, featured tons of previously unknown underground artists. Artists that I failed to follow up on, despite being impressed by. Nieve was one that excelled and it’s only today, a good five months after initially listening to his bars on “Got To Go”, that I’ve followed him up. He’s just released an album called PlayBack and while it came out a little too late for our Album of the Year list, you have to listen to the instant classic that is “Troubles of the Past”.

Just listen to that loop, you’ve got to love it.


  • fern

    This track is so chill!!