April 4th 2011

Review: Blueprint’s Adventures In Counter Culture

‘Adventures in Counter Culture’ opens up with someone we can only presume to be a journalist, cornering Blueprint backstage after a show. Here the interviewer starts to wax lyrical about how Blueprint  has a ‘different sound from other rappers’ and that he ‘puts him way up on a pedestal for that’. What happens after that is an intriguing mix of social and political commentary combined with brag rap or battle rhymes. The only thing that really saves the brag part of the equation is Blueprint’s talent with the pen.

That’s not saying that the tracks purely of this nature aren’t skippable because, quite frankly they aren’t anything we haven’t heard before. But what this really means is that these tracks are easily outshone by the heartfelt, politically charged conceptual tracks. Tracks about attacks on hip-hop in “My Culture” and the  revolutionistic barrage of commercial radio on “Radio Inactive”. The only time these falter is on “Keep Bouncing”, a now outsiders look on drinking culture that sounds way too similar to the sound Blueprint is trying to parody – although that probably says more about them than Blueprint himself. With such a variation of great and failed shots, the journalist from the opening skit could be easily accused of hyperbole. However, Blueprint definitely hasn’t hurt his chances of reaching that pedestal with another solid release.

This review was originally written for the Lesson Six Magazine, read more about it here.