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May 28th 2011

“First In Flight” by Blackalicious & Gil Scott Heron

“First In Flight” by Blackalicious & Gil Scott Heron

As I’m sure you’ve already heard the bad news that influential soul poet, Gil Scott Heron has passed away at the age of 62. The term “Godfather of Rap” is entirely accurate as Gil Scott Heron’s innovative street poetry in the 70s inspired a new generation of artists that were eventually labelled as hip-hop. So we’re going to honor him the only way we know how. RIP Gil Scott Heron.

May 24th 2011

“Steel Will (Pre Remix)” by Junk Science

“Steel Will (Pre Remix)” by Junk Science

I’ll be the first to admit that we post a lot of Junk Science on here. It’s probably too much but the production and lyrics are just some of the best in contemporary hip-hop today. I also admit that they’re a little strange, and probably not to every body’s taste. Until told otherwise, I’m just going to presume that everyone agrees with the former.

With that being said, Pre has remixed a track to get your ass out of bed. Modern Shark have just released this beautiful remix of the already great “Steel Will”. I tend not to enjoy remixes past the first listen but this has been on repeat for a while now.

May 23rd 2011

Download: Vanilla’s “High Life”

Download: Vanilla’s “High Life”

Calling yourself Vanilla is just going to encourage critics to engage in a bit of offhanded punnery. Then again I never found the flavour bland or boring and the same could be said for Vanilla’s (the producer) free beat-tape entitled “High Life”. I would love to hear someone over the top of these, a great sound for those summer BBQs.

It’s free if you visit the Bandcamp and get the Mediafire link at the bottom. Apparently free downloads can expire on Bandcamp?

May 19th 2011

“The Clouds” by Blueprint (Live)

A great live performance of Blueprint’s “The Clouds” one of the more conceptual tracks, and much better for it, from his new album. We reviewed Adventures in Counter Culture in our new magazine, and without spoiling the review, it showed a lot of promise. Give it a listen.

May 16th 2011

“No Other” by Blaze

“No Other” by Blaze

With most of the mainstream press focusing on a group of teenagers, it’s good to know that there are some progressive sounding artists coming through. Let me introduce 17 year old BlaZe from the Bronx, NY who just sent me the results of him getting his hands on a great Nujabes beat. It’s a little cheesy in parts but it’s still great to hear from an artist of this age.

May 10th 2011

“Nightmares” by Open Mike Eagle

Lesson Six favourite, Open Mike Eagle, has just dropped “Nightmares” from his upcoming sophomore album, Rappers Will Die of Natural Causes. Willie Green’s dreamy production perfectly matches Mike’s deep voice here, hypnotic stuff. I feel the urge to start a campaign for more rappers in suits.

May 9th 2011

“Life or Something Like It” by Outasight

I don’t know if you’ve noticed but it’s getting warmer. Traditionally in Britain, this means it’s time to dust off the shorts and run to the nearest beach while it’s admittedly still cold. However, while it’s definitely not beach weather, Summer is on the way. How can I tell? Tracks like this are starting to come out.

May 5th 2011

“Say Yes” by Fresh Daily

“Say Yes” by Fresh Daily

Haven’t heard from Brooklyn’s Fresh Daily in a while but the news of a full (and free) album dubbed The Quiet Life was a great surprise. Despite a few cliché-sounding guest apparences, it sounds decent, especially this early standout track “Say Yes” and the Madvillain-esque opener title-track.

May 4th 2011

“One & Lonely (Lost Remix)” by Daedelus

Excellent work as ways by electronic producer Daedelus as part of Incase’s Room 205 project. A remix of “One & Lonely” from Daedelus’ newest release, Bespoke.

May 2nd 2011 Lesson Six Original

Lesson Six Issue One Now Available!

We’re pleased to announce that copies of the first ever Lesson Six Newspaper is available for purchase from today from our Big Cartel. You’ll be able to get your hands on our first issue for £2 (or $3.3) plus shipping. Speaking of which, we are able to ship worldwide, although those outside the UK might have to pay a little more for international shipping.

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