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February 29th 2012

Young Guru Speaks On “N****s In Poorest”

We’re not normally ones to hype up your latest rap “beef” that’s clogging up mainstream rap sites, but this isn’t one of those videos. This is a refreshingly open & frank response to Yasiin Bei’s (or Mos Def as you know him) flip on “N****s In Paris”, that we posted last week. Young Guru, frequent producer and engineer of Jay-Z, recorded this vlog to clarify his thoughts on what Def’s real intentions were, before going onto grander issues. It’s quite honestly the kind of humility that we need more of in rap.

February 28th 2012

“That That” by Mister

Some great jazz hip-hop here by one half of Passalacqua, Mister. Here Mister elevates what would otherwise be another track about relationships, to something a little special, down in part to his well exhibited self-awareness & reflection. This track is off his recently released solo EP, Just So You Know, which you can grab on Bandcamp.

February 27th 2012

“Pale Blue Dot” by Mr. J Medeiros

“Pale Blue Dot” by Mr. J Medeiros

Pale Blue Dot is the first single off of Mr. J Medeiros’s upcoming EP titled the Pale Blue Dot. This song is just another step in the evolution of Mr. J Medeiros’s music and it sounds fantastic. You can download the single over here, which also comes with a few other songs released before. Also you can support our friends over at The Find Mag and Mr. J Medeiros by buying a vinyl with the song and a remix with a guest verse from Shad over here.

Mr. J. Medeiros – Pale Blue Dot EP – 01 Pale Blue Dot feat. Giannina Ashe

February 24th 2012

“All My Love” by Tiron & Ayomari

So I thought I posted this video already, but I guess not and better late then never. A Sucker for Pumps by Tiron & Ayomari was one of my favorite records from last year, and this video is awesome, the little kids are a pretty dope addition to the video, so check it out.

February 24th 2012 Lesson Six Original

Essentials: DJ Format

Essentials: DJ Format

This week the UK’s Matt Ford, aka DJ Format, will release his first album in nearly seven years. Statement of Intent, the long awaited follow up to 2005′s If You Can’t Join ‘em, Beat ‘em is set to feature DJ Format’s incredibly strong boom-bap production while also giving great independent rappers a great platform to be heard. For those unfortunate enough to have missed the first two albums in the mid-naughties, here are DJ Format’s Essentials.

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February 23rd 2012

“Elevation” by Ugly Duckling

Appropriately, Ugly Duckling have just released a tongue-in-cheek video for “Elevation” from their brilliant 2011 album Moving At Breakneck Speed. Animating the artwork, call backs to previous Yudee covers & the odd guest spot from a comedian or two. The Long Beach trio have definitely done this track the justice it deserves.

February 23rd 2012

“The Invisible Man” by D-Sisive

Another track gets the video treatment from, Angst-filled Canadian rapper, D-Sisive’s 2011 album Run With The Creeps. This time, the string filled “The Invisible Man” gets visual accompaniment from a great album that just missed our albums of the year list. Now how about a video for “To The Moon”?

February 22nd 2012

“N****s in Poorest” by Yasiin Bey

One thing that we avoid here on this site is posting overtly cliched hip-hop music, and its pretty safe to say that while Kanye does have his moments, his music is the type you wouldn’t really find on this site. N****s in Poorest is a reinterperation of the popular Kanye and Jay-Z song N****s in Paris. On this track Yasiin Bey reworks the song using the same production, but adding in lyrics that are socially insightful. The video is great as well, as images from different movies, events, and protests are woven through out Yasiin Bey rapping his version of the song.

February 21st 2012 Lesson Six Original

Letters From The Front: The Looming Problems of Writing About Female Emcees

Letters From The Front: The Looming Problems of Writing About Female Emcees

A Village Voice blog recently published “How Not to Write About Female Musicians: A Handy Guide“. Using some recent, unfortunate examples of misogynistic so-called critical writing about female musicians, they listed four questions any writer should ask themselves prior to submitting a piece on female musicians. They were as follows:

  1. Go through your piece and flip the gender of your descriptive phrases’ subjects. Are there any that sound ludicrous as a result?
  2. Are you essentially making shit up about the artist in order to sexualise her?
  3. Are you comparing the artist you’re writing about to other female artists only? If so, why?
  4. Are you writing about a moment where your subject flirts with you and you respond in kind?

Looking for an article discussing female emcees to try these questions out on, I came across a Complex profile on Iggy Azalea, an up-and-coming underground (what is underground in the Youtube era? Another question for another time.) female emcee. It failed fairly quickly.

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February 21st 2012

“Lookin Up” by Prometheus Brown & Bambu

Last summer just weeks after the Blue Scholars released Cinemetropolis, which was one of our top records from the past year, Prometheus Brown teamed up with Bambu to release Prometheus Brown & Bambu Walk Into A Bar. This is one release that was heavily slept on last year, and it deserves to be listened too, so check the full record out over here.

Now on to the actual video. Lookin Up is a dope song that has some pretty inspirational lines, and the video fits the mood of the song perfectly. There really isn’t much to the video asides from some concert footage of the song being performed, and Prometheus Brown (Geo) and Bambu sitting on a couch rapping while using their hands as visuals. Check the video out.

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