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DOOM’s greatly lauded reinvention of himself as an artist feels like it’s in a strange place, or at least a stranger place than the one he has conjured up for his characters. Luckily, he’s slowed down his output. Which makes sense, he’s a bigger name now and his style is so specific there was no [...]

“Let me get as drunk as fast as I can, so I can pass out and dream about being a different man”. There’s no denying that the air thickens when Dave Kohn, aka Serengeti, steps out of the guse of the Comical Chicagoan Kenny Dennis. The lyrical content gets incredibly darker and he becomes introspective beyond [...]

When EL-P’s alternative hip-hop label Definitive Jux announced, what has become a permanent hiatus, many of its roster were forced into decisions. Some signed deals elsewhere, some started their own thing up, but Aesop Rock did nothing. The verbose rapper from New York City was already enjoying a massive reputation after the success of Labor [...]

4NML HSPL is easily, the self-proclaimed art rapper’s most inaccessible and ambitious record to date. For those that missed his previous handful of albums, Unapologetic Art Rap & Rappers Will Die of Natural Causes, Open Mike Eagle’s rise to alternative hip-hop notoriety came from a willingness to experiment. Whether that’s lyrically, by combining informed observations on [...]

Rap has had some pretty groanworthy lines over the years and “I’ll take you out of the ring, like your ex-wife’s finger” or “I love rap like a falafel in a pita bun” would surely rank high in anyone’s list of them. But on his 3rd album, aptly titled 3rdburglar, the Canadian underground rapper Wordburglar [...]

Moon Under Eyelids feels very much like a sophomore album. Compared to 2010′s boom-bap joyride that was City of Dirt, this feels way more mature and a bit of a change in direction for the duo. Occasions like this often devolve in people declaring their love for the “earlier work” but Bully Blinders have fairly [...]

Footprints is Organic Flow’s debut LP, and I must say it really impresses. I posted about Organic Flow about a month or so back introducing them as a spoken word group and talking about how they are really at the core of what hip-hop is. This album proves that and builds upon those few tracks [...]

Rap has always had perverted obsession with sports. Both are undeniably American, rap started and is still dominated by American artists and what’s more American than competition or getting drunk at a competition. As an outsider (from the UK) looking in, it has always been little strange and almost alienating. However, over the course of this six-track EP, [...]

The Good Sin had his breakthrough moment, shared with 10,4 Rog last year, with the Late EP. This half an hour EP married a confident stripped-back sound with Sin’s diverse vocal talents. It really put the pair of them on the map in a burgeoning Seattle Hip-Hop scene. Nearly a full year later, The Good Sin has [...]

Over the last twelve months we’ve been slowly drip fed tracks produced by French producer duo, The Funk League. These mellifluous jazz charged tracks boasted an impressive list of vocal talents and instantly had us pining for a full release. Now, after a lengthy wait, their debut album “Funky As Usual” has finally seen the light of day. The outcome? Disheartened [...]

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